The Networked Planet bridges the gap between advertisers and leading edge digital media products and networks. We use proprietary technology and market data to match advertisers to audiences, maximizing the value of local and vertical communities for publishers.

We take a classic publishing commerce approach that examines the contextual environment of successfully performing campaigns across all platforms in the marketing mix: marketplace, lead generation, directories, search, display, mobile, social, email and offline/traditional. Through an understanding of audience intent we identify the key factors of successful ad messaging and targeting, achieving optimal ROI for advertisers.
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In the spotlight

Our expertise lies in three areas
  1. Ad Performance: We have solid understanding of the intersection between Audience and Advertisers across all digital platforms.
  2. Audience Data: We bridge offline and online market data to help publishers grow audiences and advertisers to scale their business.
  3. Products and Platforms: We run 100+ campaigns each month across all platforms and bring best in breed solutions for industry verticals and audience segments.