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Auto Service Loyalty Program

For dealers with customer service excellence at the core of their business, we've created a mobile based customer loyalty program that allows a dealer and its customer to communicate comfortably after the sale of a vehicle as part of an ongoing service relationship.

Our program develops a permission-based relationship via mobile devices. This is done with a series of offers that are valued by the customer and encourages them to establish an ongoing relationship with the dealer. Over time, we provide additional offers that honor the customer's loyalty and increases the chances for the dealer to be the top choice for the customer's next car purchase. This program also forms the basis for a referral reward program.

We're able to deliver the following benefits:

  • Generate Online Reviews - Positive experiences of loyal customers can be developed and shared.
  • Loyalty Program - Gives rewards and service specials to great customers who refer their friends
  • ROI Tracking - We match specific offers to individuals to sales receipts inside the dealership sales databases.