Let Us Assist You: Our programs start at $500/mo including setup, support, call tracking and management fee. We are able to design programs that fit your needs and budget.

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Custom Auto Lead Programs

The auto leads marketplace can be a difficult place to navigate even for the most savvy dealer groups. We have designed very sophisticated lead systems for large dealer groups, publishers and for single point dealerships.

The great advantage of pay per lead advertising is the certainty of receiving a lead for a set price. The downside is the lack of transparency that also can hide problems in the quality of the lead source. We know our way around the auto lead space and source leads from the leading classified sites and those generating leads from high quality organic searches.

We offer two lead services for dealers:

  1. Dealer Groups: We set up and administer a lead purchasing and tracking program to monitor the quantity and quality of lead into the dealers's CRM to insure the dealership has a consistent flow of high-quality leads.
  2. Single-point dealers: We source and deliver a bundle of high quality leads over the course of each month.

We only work with leads that are exclusive to the dealer we are working with.