Let Us Help You Rank: Our programs start at $1000/mo. including content work, reporting, link building, and local directory mgmt. We are able to meet custom challenges and can work with your budget. We typically need a 6 month commitment to get all elements in place with solid ranking.

Let us show you what we can do. Call us and we'll show you what we've done for other dealers:

Contact:Ben Eason
ben at thenetworkedplanet.com
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SEO for Make-Model Searches

The Auto Make/Model search program helps our dealers rank higher in the search engines. Our core program includes these elements:

  • An audit of on-site SEO ranking factors, including page structure, navigational architecture, coding, use of semantic tags, keyword use and social media links
  • Build unique core make/model pages to meet specific searches in the market.
  • Work through technical issues on the site. We have experience with the major platforms including Dealer.com, Cobalt and others.
  • Conduct a baseline traffic and ranking report and use it as a benchmark for showing progress.
  • Review of all local directory links and add/repair where needed
  • Build YouTube and other social media links to the “make/model” pages just built
  • Development support gives SEO guidance on site changes and other web initiatives for dealer's IT team.
  • Marketing support - provides guidance and training to marketing staff along with resources on SEO best practices for PR, social media, sponsorships, etc.
  • Our social media strategies, combined with the content anchors we create will boost and maintain your search rankings against competitors.