Let Us Serve You: Our programs start at $2,000/mo including Google and/or BING Media CPC, setup, support and mgmt fee. We are able to meet custom challenges and can work with your budget.

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Used Car Inventory Search

The program’s features and benefits are as follows:

  • Inventory-Feed-Based Search Campaign. We link directly to a vehicle-specific landing page or tie into the search query when there are multiple models for sale.
  • Incorporate the dealer’s creative messaging into ad copy for additional branding to unify the campaign.
  • Ad content contains key details of the car such as price or mileage so dealer doesn’t pay for a click where the search isn’t relevant to the buyer.
  • Long tail Used Car terms – We buy keywords based on used car terms for the specific make/model of the vehicle. We've found a healthy amount of searches by people looking for specific used vehicles. We can also group the searches to “cars under $10,000”, “cars under $5,000”, etc. that are pulled from search queries on the dealer’s site.
  • Keywords are typically in the range of $2 when running a blend of Google Display and Search. CPC of $4 with pure Search. Expected monthly spend of $1,400 to $2,500 for typical dealer used inventory.
  • When combined with display retargeting programs?, the SEM is followed up by specific used car banners.